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more sinister? four pipe bombs in four days in one bay area town. a simple prank or something more sinister? maybe she'll never feel remorse, i can't say that. but if she did, then maybe she's somewhat of a family being.
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>> the family of the murdered teen lays it out. but hear what the judge had to say. plus it is exactly what we're wondering too. what can and cannot be ruled out about the mysterious lights above the bay area. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. another pipe bomb found in the hills. the question on everyones minds, are there anymore out there? >> reporter: for the second time since friday, a bomb squad detonated an explosive device found near a school campus in pleasant hill. someone noticed the part-time bomb in the bushes outside pleasant hill elementary. >> it looked like it was lit, but did not go off. it didn't detonate. >> reporter: the discovery came three days after a group of five area teenagers were detained, accused of setting off a mailbox bomb on friday night and planning another at a nearby high school. the bomb squads had to detonate that one too and they found a third bomb in the car that the
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teens were driving. neighbors say they could hear the explosions for miles. >> i can't remember being in bed with that mere. if something blows up, it'll be the gunshots. >> reporter: it's unclear if this is the work of the same teen. >> we're looking into that. >> reporter: the teens claim the bombs they were arrested with were the only ones they had. but today's discovery of yet another bomb has neighbors wondering if this was a prank or something more sinister. >> if you're putting a bomb in a mailbag's you know somebody could open it and get hurt. somebody could open it up and get hurt. that's serious. >> we can only hope that there aren't more. we only hope that it won't be a rash of them. >> reporter: now, pleasant hill elementary had to be evacuated. no one injured. five teens arrested, two released back to their parents. their names are not being
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released. a child is now an orphan following a double murder mystery. it happened at an apartment near powell street on market avenue. a simple candle outside the apartment serves as the memorial. police say they got reports of gunfire around 12:45 yesterday morning. when they got there, the two victims were inside with gunshot wounds. edgard was dead and his wife died shortly after. san pueblo police are still looking for the killer. >> oftentimes a person will say they heard something, but it's not significant, they don't call and we really want them to call. because those insignificant tips they believe are very significant to us. >> both victims were 30 years old. their 4-year-old daughter wasn't hurt and she's now with child protective services. san francisco police are investigating a bizarre case that left one man dead and a woman critically wounded. the two were found last night
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bound, gagged, bad rigid onruss -- gagged, bound, at russell street. police have no suspects or motives. a cold-blooded killer. that's what judge called a woman who nurses nursing student michelle le when he sentenced her to life in prison today. as cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo shows us that the harsh words didn't stop there. >> maybe she'll never feel remorse, i can't say that, but if she did, at least she's somewhat of a human being. >> reporter: michelle le's family wanted to stand in front of her killer and tell her how she changed their lives. >> i just want everyone to know how beautiful and how incredible that michelle was and how much she has impacted my entire family. >> reporter: michelle le disappeared from kaiser permanente. it's not clear how she died.
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esteban admitted that her client killed the 26-year-old, but said it was voluntary manslaughter because she acted in the heat of passion. they were high school friends in san diego, but esteban believes that her former classmate was involved with her ex-boyfriend and father of the oldest child. >> by committing the crime she did, she only revealed her own ugliness and michelle's beauty. >> reporter: the judge sentenced the 28-year-old mother of two to 25 years to life in prison for the premeditated murder. meaning she could get parole. >> it's not what's right, but the most that they can do. and we are glad that justice has been served. >> reporter: the judge said he had never seen a case with more condemning circumstantial evidence pointing to a killer. a killer showing no remorse. >> we always thought she felt no remorse. staring directly at our family
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with a blank stare. and so it was good that he pointed that out. >> reporter: if she has any hope of getting out of prison on parole, she better show a sign of remorse because this is a crime with many victims. in oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. a navy seal is being praised as a hero tonight. he died during a rescue mission in afghanistan. a 10-year veteran was a part of the elite special forces team. the same elite unit that carried out the raid that carried out osama bin laden. over the weekend the team was sent in to rescue an american doctor kidnapped by the taliban. a high school friend said that he always wanted to be in the military. >> that was his plan. it wasn't college, it wasn't engineering, it was i'm interested in being in the military and interested in living that lifestyle and serving my country. that's what he wanted to do. >> he was killed by a single shot to the head. seven taliban members were also killed. the doctor joseph was rescued
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unharmed. well some california seniors fear that cuts made through the fiscal cliff could hurt them immensely. >> it helps security, medicare, and in medicaid. it's not even food on the table. that sour message. >> workers, community leaders rallied in 15 cities across the state today, including san francisco. they are urging congress to save social safety net programs and increase taxes on the wealthiest 2% instead. with the fiscal deadline now just three weeks away, there's some optimism, a deal is in the works. the cbs reporter shows us the newfound enthusiasm that follows a face-to-face meeting between president obama and house speaker john boehner. >> reporter: if lawmakers want to settle this in time for christmas, negotiators need to kick it into high gear next week. they must reach an agreement by early next week at the latest.
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that's the only way that members will have enough time to read it, debate it, and vote on it in the house and senate before heading home for the holidays. in a now familiar routine, both sides blamed each other today for the slow pace of talks. the senate democratic leader harry reid. >> right now they are the only thing standing between congress and the compromise. a spokesman said that in a statement, the respect offer made last week remains an offer as we continue to wait for the president to identify the spending cuts he's willing to make as a part of the balanced approach that he promised the american people. and the white house and the speaker office has not released a single detail about that meeting on sunday. they think that it's good news, a sign that will become serious just in time.
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cbs news, capitol hill. two delivery men felt pretty lucky to be alive tonight. take a look at this. catching fire this morning after hitting a powerline. making matters even worse, the live wires surrounded their truck. >> they jumped out and serve that vehicle completely before hitting the ground so they didn't have contact on the ground and the vehicle, which would prevent them from being electrocuted. >> they were delivering laundry to their juvenile hall, arriving on scene to deactivate the wires, allowing firefighters to put that fire out. nobody was injured and no buildings damaged. all right, check o -- check this out. telling us about the strange lights that were spotted over the city of san francisco early yesterday morning. we sent linda yee out to dig on this. as it turns out, everyone seems to have a theory. >> it's up there, look at that.
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>> reporter: it was definitely something in the night sky. he took this video of seven lights and a line with the cell phone. >> it looks like flames, you know, the sky. >> he took these pictures as they hovered over him. >> it kind of looks like a fiery thing. >> that is strange. >> reporter: what did dance through the skies over the mission district? even scientists are not so sure. >> it's not a planet, it's not a constellation. it's not meteors or the moon. >> you're forming a triangle now, dude. >> reporter: the lights flickered on and off and took different shapes. >> so in the beginning they look like the flying candles. then afterwards they take a look at that formation. >> reporter: but it could be a plausible explanation. >> it looks to me like it could have been balloons carrying lights. i'm 100% sure that this was a ufo. >> reporter: it meant that you had a little christmas cheer?
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>> yes, absolutely. informs maybe an influence here. >> definitely not an alien star -- spaceship for sure. >> that would be my first guess. >> reporter: definitely since no one could identify what these lights were, we can call them ufos, however, the faa says that no reports of the aircraft in the bay area. and so for the record, liz and ken, i'm in the neighborhood where the sightings were and i can tell you tonight, no strange lights. >> the coast is clear. >> he's been around longer than me and you put together. and i don't think that the guy has been wrong once in his life. >> you don't think? >> well, you know, what was it then? what was it? >> floating lights, definitely not aliens invading. >> if ken is gone, we'll know why. >> don't answer bing.
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thanks. it doesn't take a genius to figure out that san francisco is a great place to live. >> yeah, but having a few moregeniuses in san francisco couldn't hurt. and that is because the city has come in second on a list of america's smartest cities. you know who is smartest? boston. yeah, that's right. at least according to their website. san francisco, number 2, seattle number 3. and fourth was vancouver, canada. rounding out the top five, new york city. and still ahead, why the homeless in california are in line to get cell phones. plus, the scramble to rescue thousands of squid on the beaches of santa cruz. the reason that they are washing ashore. millions of people are still in shock over the death of latin pop star. how she inspired beyond her music. and in the bay area, record highs today. it doesn't take much this time of the year, but there's a big
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change in store, the big chill. details straight ahead. oh, it's the current temperature.
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nominated singer died in a e crash in northern mexico jut hours after leaving that st. the mexican- american artiss a ca the singer died just hours after leaving the stage. she was a california native and a cbs reporter shows us that the popularity was growing. >> reporter: she was born in southern california, but the 43- year-old singer had fans on both sides of the u.s./mexico
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border. after this concert on saturday night in mexico, she boarded a jet with hirrient raj as they took this picture. just ten minutes after take off, the tower lost contact with the plane, going down in rugged terrain, killing all seven on board. her brother spoke outside their family's l.a. home. >> the plane, it's totaled. nobody inside survived. the bodies are unrecognizable according to what they are telling us. the city's top spanish language radio station is playing her music all day. songs of love, struggle, survival. >> she was selling records like no other female has done. and dominated by men. >> she was one of ours.
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that's why she sings to her people. she sings on the verge of reaching a broader audience. the divorced mother of five, already a radio personality and a host on spanish tv had just been capped to star in her own american network sitcom. at a press conference after her last concert, she spoke these now haunting words. they are helping mexico investigate this crash. the plane was involved in a previous accident, but it was repaired and approved for flight. cbs news, los angeles. and nelson mandella is back in the hospital and tonight fans of the former south african president are worried about what the latest visit could mean for him. he has been hospitalized for two days. officials, they are not releasing any details. only to say that he is
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receiving medical care, "consistent with his age." which is 94. thousands of squid washing up on beaches, providing a feast for the seagulls. what might be driving the squid to their deaths. >> it's just really weird to see it. >> reporter: it happened yesterday during the high tide. some people, they tried to put them back in the water, but researchers say that the deep water creature swam right back to shore. >> they don't see that very often. it might be that they just don't understand what's going on around them. if they swim towards the shore, they will eventually run out of water. >> they are juveniles, weighing
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roughly three pounds with full stomachs. it is normal and to be honest, they have no idea why this is happening, but they think it's because the squid have eaten the toxic algae. >> it's possible they are ingesting either the toxins or getting it through their food, which could be causing them to be disoriented to swim on to the beach. >> reporter: they have not been here for a few years. the scientists believe that they may have drawn them to the cooler waters of northern california. this is the third stranding in six weeks. >> it is really an exploratory time for us as we are learning more about what causes these strandings, whether or not we should be worried about them. >> cbs 5. >> and on the weather, ladies and gentlemen, we have a warm day in the bay area today. warmer than average by a long shot as we are about 10 degrees where we usually are at this
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time of the year. take a look at the numbers around the bay area as first, take a look at this. the high tides are due this week in the bay because we are closer to the sun now than we are at any other time of the year a. little weird if you think about it. i mean it is winter, nevertheless, we're closer to the sun. as a result, the highs will be up the next couple of days as you'll see the warnings off the off ramps as the tides come up. 47 degrees at concord right now. sfo at 54 and san jose at 53 degrees. the high temperatures today, scaling the heights as well with a record high in oakland, only keeping records there for believe it or not, since the early 70s. they snapped the record high, up to 68 degrees. that was a record and 67 at livermore. and at least they came close. fremont at 69, wow. that's december, that is just warm. but it will all change.
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we've got more fog coming in tomorrow morning. rain, they will return by late tomorrow. in the early hours on wednesday, we'll get wet around the bay area and then we're going to get cold. numbers will be 15 degrees back where they were today. that's by wednesday. out the door tomorrow morning, patchy dense fog around the bay area in the mid-50s by about 9:00. with the time lapse here, high pressure that is finally going to move east as it does. and the storm track, they will shift south and then it will be sunny tomorrow with changes tomorrow night. pinpoint forecast is headed out of the bay area. it looks like the central valley fog, posted in the sierra because of the oncoming system. the pinpoint forecast numbers will be mostly in the 60s tomorrow for the bay area, but about five to seven degrees cooler than what they were today. and so 62 at danville. 58 degrees at napa and 57 degrees at the bay with your extended forecast increasing the clouds. rain on thursday, looking unsettled with the next shot of
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rain coming in on sunday. stay tuned on that. that's weather. for the latest, we'll go back to liz. >> all right, thank you. cell phones for the homeless. sounds like an idea that makes sense, but who is actually paying for it?
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university of california's attention. at issue? a new logo. more than 42,000 signatures are getting the attention. a new logo. it is designed in house and it is suppose to be more modern and versatile. well the university officials say they consulted students, parents, alumnis about it. critics say it does not properly represent the uc system. and the logo is ridiculous, taking it away of the original logo and it is just a little fee, you know, with the blue background, like i could do that. a better logo if you want to make it more modern. >> yeah, not too many good reviews. the officials say that the old one was created back in 1868 and will be on all the diplomas in the official correspondents. the homeless could soon have a new tool to help them
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get off the streets. cell phones. they have approved a plan to provide cell phones to the homeless and those with lower incomes. >> to be able to send texts to people and to say to follow your application. we don't have a bed or, you know, please come in. i think that it will really change things tremendously. >> applicants need to meet the certain income criteria or be enrolled in the public assistance program. suspending a football player. we'll tell you who and for how long. just call them the rogue warriors from here on out making history next. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples. that's a given. you need safeway sugar for just $1.97. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another -- only $2.99 for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday." safeway. ingredients for life.
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winning, 7-game road trip fr the first time with the win tonight, the warriors would guarantee themselves a winning seven-gay road trip for the first time since 1970s. the old man returned to charlotte, giving away 73 tickets to fans, and didn't disappoint them. later in the first, curry with a nice pass, but they lead here. warriors win 108-24 -- 108-78. colorado's high at san jose today. the head coach is the new football coach taking over a program that is more than just four games in the first two years of the pac-12. he was 10-2 this year with the spartans since 1987. brandon jacobs is suspended for
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the rest of the regular season. the 49ers runningback lashed out last week about the lack of playing time saying that this is the worse year ever. he has only played in two games. and from one suspension beginning to one ending claiming that the two-game suspension will be bad for the team. and finding the state on the roster for him, cutting them who is the starting cornerback in the beginning of the season. >> yes, some work for them. when is he coming back? >> there is no word on when that will happen as they are 14- 7. >> i like his name. >> impressive. >> as long as you're ready for the playoffs. we'll see you at 11:00.
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woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee?

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